At WGI, Our Product is Precision. WGI started in the aerospace industry as a manufacturer of precision gaging, and we continued to expand on that legacy since the inception of the company. Now, WGI is known in the Aerospace industry for delivering top quality parts, whether the product is as simple as a spacer or as complex as a welded oil slinger assembly.

As an AS9100 and ISO:9001 certified facility, WGI has the capability to manufacture and inspect extremely tight tolerance features, including flatness of lapped parts to 1 Helium Light Band (.0000116 inches, .000284 mm), diametrical clearances as small a .000010 inch (.000254 mm), and parallelism of features to within .0001.

Our abilities as a precision manufacturer allow us to create complex inspection fixtures and gaging that help ensures our customers receive a quality product without having to wait on other shops to build fixturing and gaging for us. Our history of designing and manufacturing precision inspection fixturing and calibration equipment, in addition to incorporating modern technology such as CMMs, has prepared us to provide solutions to any manufacturing problem that will come our way.

In house capability to design and build custom gages, high precision calibration equipment, and specialty fixtures allows WGI to provide solutions to even the most difficult manufacturing and precision inspection challenges.

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