WGI is proud to have a 64,000 sq ft facility to house its operations for all of its customers
manufacturing needs. With over 120 employees our facility accommodates a variety of
machines and recourses for fabricating the highest quality products for our customers.


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CNC Milling
5-axis machining up to 38.0”
4-axis machining up to 30”
CNC Turning
Turning of diameters of up to 25.5”
CNC Grinding
OD Grinding dimensions of up to 40.0”
ID Grinding of diameters as small as 0.030” for positioning to the closest
Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)
Wire cutting of dimensions of up to 11.0”
Form sinking up to 20.0”
Honing and Lapping
Flat Lapping to 1 Helium Light Bands
OD/ID Honing .00005 in
Conventional Grinding
Cylindrical grinding of diameters of up to 13.8” and lengths of up to 39.0”
Surface grinding up to 18.0”
Conventional Milling
3-axis machining up to 25.0”
Conventional Turning
Turning of diameters of up to 65.0” and lengths of up to 60.0”
Non Destructive Testing
Magnetic Particle Inspection
Digitally Controlled Inspection
CMM measurement of dimensions up to 20″